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If cities are full of life, then Lisbon has it in spades.
A muse for countless writers and poets and the inspiration behind Fado, this city most emphatically has heart and soul.
But what makes Lisbon so singular and inspiring?
Its histories.
Lisbon is made of histories, each street, each corner, each event, each Lisboeta and each house, each floor, each ceiling, each building.
Lisbon is made of encounters and re-encounters.
With everything she has witnessed and lived through over time, Lisbon, like a collector of histories, has developed the wisdom of an ancient and enlightened city.
It’s in this spirit, in its essence and dynamism, that Lisbon lives with so much soul.Cities contain dormant buildings.
ALMARIA's idea is to bring them back to life.
If buildings are the bedrock of a city’s soul, ALMARIA is where Lisbon’s soul resides.
ALMARIA aims to listen to their histories and recount them in each project it takes on.
With Almaria – Buildings with History, come and inhabit the unique history of each building while enjoying superb hospitality and unforgettable experiences and emotions.

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